Mortgage Calculator on the iPhone

You can go back to any of the boxes by touching them and enter different values. Every time you touch Done the calculations will update. If you want to scroll to a certain part of the number, place your finger where you want to insert a number and hold it there. A magnifying glass will appear and with a cursor and you can then move your finger to pin-point exactly where you want to insert (shown in Pic 5). If you want to completely clear a box, click on the X on the right hand side of the box.

If you happen to forget to type anything or enter zero into the No of Years box, Rate box or No of Payments/Yr box, then you will see Incomplete Data in red in the results section (shown in Pic 6).

When the application is closed it saves your current calculation and restores it next time you open the Mortgager.

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This app is extremely simple to use. On opening you will see the screen shown in Pic 1. You will see that the Number of Payments box is already completed as 12 is the standard response - don’t worry this can be edited if your mortgage has a different frequency of payments per year.

To get your calculated mortgage repayment, touch on each of the white input boxes and the keyboard will appear allowing you to enter the relevant amounts (see Pic 2).

First touch the Amount box and enter the amount of money that you want to borrow.

Next enter the Length of your mortgage in either Years and Months or only Years or only Months. If you happen to enter more than 11 months as well as having one or more years you will see an alert (shown in Pic 4).

Next touch on the Rate box and enter the rate at which the mortgage will be charged at.

Finally touch Done on the keyboard. This will remove the keyboard and display the monthly payments for both a Repayment Mortgage and an Interest Only Mortgage.

If you would like to send yourself a reminder or send a copy of your mortgage calculation to someone else, it can be done in just a few clicks!

Once you have completed your calculation, touch on the Email button at the bottom of the screen. This will pre-populate an email with all of your data (as shown in Pic 7).

The Subject and the body of the message is all fully editable so you can personalise your message however you need to. The email will also include your signature line at the bottom.

All you need to do is touch on the To: line and enter one or more email addresses. Click Send and all of the recipients will receive a copy of your mortgage calculation.

If you change your mind about sending your mortgage calculation by email, just click Cancel.

Pic 7

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