Random Number Generator

on the iPhone

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3


This app is extremely simple to use and has an unlimited number of uses. Whether you want to flip a coin (set between 0 (heads) and 1 (tails)), or roll a dice (set between 1 and 6), choose which number to bet on in roulette (between 0 and 36) or your UK Lottery numbers (between 1 and 49), Random is your pocket random number generator.

On opening you will see the screen shown in Pic 1.

To get your randomly generated number, touch on each of the white input boxes and the numberpad will appear allowing you to enter the limits for your number (see Pic 2).

Once these limits are filled in, just touch on the Generate button and immediately a randomly generated number will be created (see Pic 3).

You can touch Generate as many times as you want and another random number will be generated.

When you want to change the limits you can either touch the reset button to blank out the limits or touch each one separately and re-enter the figure.

Random also stores the last generated number so that you can refer back to it next time or keep it if you are interrupted by a phone call.

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