Reactions Game on the iPhone

The aim of the game is to complete the requested gesture (Tap, Swipe, Pinch or Shake) before the timer runs out and the bomb explodes. As you get more correct, the timer decreases to make the game more challenging. If you get a gesture correct, one point will be added to your score. If you get it wrong or run out of time, you will be shown the Game Over screen (as shown in Pic 5). You will be shown your score and the current high score for that difficulty unless you have achieved a new high score in which case you will be told this.

If you want to pause the game just touch on the black and white pause button on the bottom left of the game screen (shown in Pics 2,3 and 4). This will bring up the Game Paused screen (shown in Pic 6) which will allow you to either Resume and continue playing or Quit and return to the main menu.

If you get really good try and play the easier levels without sound by flipping the silent switch on the side of your device or setting the sounds to off in the Settings.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 6

Pic 5

Pic 4


Tap It is a simple reactions game. For Instructions on the how to do the gestures touch on Instructions on the main menu. If you want to play with friends, touch Multiplayer: OFF on the main menu and it will change to Multiplayer: ON. In this mode after at least 4 turns the game will call Pass It and give a countdown of 5 seconds for you to hand the device over to a friend to continue. To start the game, just choose a difficulty level from Easy, Medium and Hard from the main menu (the main menu is shown in Pic 1).

Choosing Easy gives you an audio instruction with written and visual aid (shown in Pic 2).

Choosing Medium gives you an audio instruction with only a visual aid (shown in Pic 3).

Choosing Hard gives you only an audio instruction (shown in Pic 4).

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